A description of recent work along with details that I can share.
A Multi-Platform Mobile Application
for Airlines, Pilots, and Crews

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with a client on the next generation of their mobile application. In order to see the screens of the app, you would need to be a potential client and schedule a demo with my client or you would need to be one of the thousands of pilots, crew members, or airline administrators that uses the app daily. Or, if we meet in person, I can obtain permission to share my design work with you then.

In this public context, what I can say is that we successfully deployed a multi-platform application to Android, iOS, and Windows. I was able to work with my client to understand user's primary needs and deliver designs that enabled users to focus on the content delivered via the app. We gave users a clean, subtly branded, interface that puts an impressive amount of functionality at their finger tips.


A Mobile Interface to Monitor and Manage a
Software-defined Storage Platform.

I worked with a team of founders and engineers to design, plan, and implement a mobile interface that showcased the power of a software-defined storage platform. My initial prototypes served as the communication piece that focused conversations with investors and early adopters.


Software and Hardware for Physicians

I worked with an innovative design team and our client in the medical device industry to conceptualize the future vision of their product. Our work integrated a deep understanding of physician's needs, existing tools and goals. We delivered our ideas in the form of interface sketches and illustrated scenarios.